Hello, Mee-chan.


Hi Thanks for visiting ! This is my biographical 'manga'(comic) blog.

I am:
a female
a mother
a daughter
a sister
a Japanese
with no money & romance, but having simple & peaceful daily life with families.
(I do not need Romance right now. I am pretty satisfied with using my 24hs for my son, family, pets and thinking about world peace.)

By recording this, I hope to share my happy memories with everyone, especially with my son.. And sincerely hope to meet a lot of new friends in all over the world !!!
So any time you are OK, please come back here. Any comment I appreciate and if any mistake in my English, would you please advise me? I will correct my poor English sentence to better one with your advice !
Thanks again ! (^_^)/

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Finally National Holiday Friday !!

Finally Friday! Today is a National Holiday(as for labors day, haha) and Japan has total 3 days off.

Yay I found new job and have worked for 10days about. It is a French forwarding company and I do some importing documents job as temporary worker. Altough I like its job, company wont' allow me to do long overtime work and documents keeps coming through FAX, so I get panicked often.(I work till 20:00 but still documents around) Maybe the busiest company so far in my life(since cannot do overtime). When I go home, I get so tired that cannot cook much, these days keeping purchasing Bento at grocery store... (But grocery stores discount Bento and all cooked foods 50% down so kind a good^_^)

I thought I would sleep till noon today, but my brain are stressed? Woke up 7:00 so did all houseworks and went out to get some breads. Hiro & I had some for breakfast and it was good.^_^.

For dinner, I would like to cook a lot since whatever that is, I think house foods are the best!

Here introduse some of my favorite youtubes related my country, Japan!


Well have a nice weekends, everyone !


Mugi died on Sunday. He lived for 9years. For human being, around 80.
As for ferret, I sincerely hope he had a good life... I cried a lot.
Yesterday I took him to City Hall's public crematory. Paid jpy2,100 and prayed at small Buddist altar.
Today I returned there to get Mugi back. His born was so tiny but I felt releaved to get him back. I put him in small glass bottle and returned home. his born is with me right now. Maybe someday when I have a chance to go to nice sea, I will release his born there.
Please stay with us until then, Mugi.デスクトップmug..

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